Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

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4 weeks.
100 hours: 80 of which will take place in the classroom and 20 in site visits.


Engineering students with an interest in the subject

Course Description:

Engineering techniques applied to architectural design with low energy demand will be analyzed.
The students will have the opportunity to learn all the important concepts so as to understand deeply the energy consumption of a building. The main design steps to be taken will be defined in order to obtain a successfull low-energy building project.

Course Content

  • Bioclimatic arquitecture.
  • Thermal comfort.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Indoor air quality.
  • Greenhouse design.

Course Objectives:

The design of buildings with very low energy consumption is a reality. Within the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions, the energy consumption of a building (residential, office buildings and tertiary sector) is the present and future goal.
Bioclimatic architecture is the design of buildings taking into account climatic conditions and environmental conditions using available resources (solar radiation, humidity, rainfall, prevailing winds, etc.) to get the comfort inside. It reduces environmental impacts and reduce the negative effects on the environment. In this course we will define the most appropriate bioclimatic strategies, size them and how implement them in a project.


  • 100 hours of training in areas related to Architectural
    Engineering 80 of which will take place in the
    classroom and the other 20 in site visits.
  • Transport to and from the site visits.
  • Accommodation.
  • A farewell dinner.
  • Two cultural visits.

Spanish Course (Optional)

40 hours of Spanish language and Culture before the start of the Program on Renewable Energies.
This course consists of a two week immersion program in General Spanish. You will have 20 lessons of General Spanish per week for 2 weeks in groups of 10/12 students maximum. In this way you will not only improve your knowledge of Spanish but also your knowledge of Spain, its culture and history.